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Who is Daniel Smith

This Preview will bring you up to speed about a decade-long, Federal-storm-trooper assault on a humble, caring soul who sought only to help disease-stricken fellow humans worldwide.

Why Daniel Smith has become a hero for tens of thousands of suffering people throughout the globe: Daniel founded Project Green Life (PGL), an alternative health association that made the first professional grade MMS (Master Mineral Solution)  ~ making it available in over 160 countries between 2007 and 2011.

Out of the blue the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began warning Daniel that they wanted the distribution of MMS to stop - immediately. Following legal consultation, Daniel wrote the FDA explaining how MMS was improving the health of multitudes around the world and asked them why they were making this demand. Silence. Daniel sent the document again. Continued silence. Daniel repeated a third time.

Rather than responding, the FDA initiated a year-long clandestine reconnaissance mission for the purpose of secretly securing search and seizure warrants aimed at putting PGL out of business in one fail swoop. It became obvious that this pursuit by the FDA was another example of a plethora of similar militant assaults on other Alternative Health companies and practitioners and in truth was a part of the agency's ongoing war against health freedom. In Daniel’s case they threatened him with 38 years in a Federal prison figuring Daniel would immediately close Project Green Life and thus block the distribution of MMS ever again.

Even though hundreds of users of MMS wrote the FDA declaring praises for the efficacy of MMS the FDA continued and intensified their unconstitutional actions. Daniel was arrested and charged with six felonies along with his wife and two employees. For what you ask? Helping people to get well.

Following a mockery of a trial in which Daniel was forbidden by the Judge to put on a defense he was convicted and sentenced to 51 months in a Federal Penitentiary. Even with this travesty-of-justice punishment the Prosecutor argued with the Judge demanding Daniel be sentenced to Life in Prison.

As you look through this fact-filled blog ( you’ll suspect a scheming collusion between the FDA and gigantic International Pharmaceutical entities. Daniel was portrayed as a conniving, evil, greedy Snake-Oil profiteer. One Federal employee even said, "I consider you a Domestic Terrorist!" Really? C’mon. Get real.

Truth is stranger than fiction. Right? This blog ~ ~ will answer this query.

Out of the Frying Pan (and still) IN THE FIRE.

As you know Daniel was transferred a month ago from Sheridan, Oregon Prison Camp to a horrid prison...Sea-Tac Detention and placed in a Maximum Security Cell. (Like on TV - 2 inmates, toilet in center of room, iron bars locked. No view. No sunshine. No outside time. Etc. Here is Dan’s description:No I don't get to see the sun. I have no idea what the weather is like from day to day. Only florescent lights and grey concrete.


There is zero reason for this totally unjust confinement. I just read the Bureasu of Prison’s Detailed Inmate Placement Guide. It is based on Points for each inmate. Death-Row felons have the highest score and thus are typically in total lockdown. This scale goes down to the inmate with the lowest poossible points and is to be  placed in a Camp (Like Sheridan had been) where the inmate is able to roam freely, go outdoors and watch the Canadian Geese, run the track, etc. DANIEL’S SCORE IS THE LOWEST. HE WAS CORRECTLY HOUSED AT SHERIDAN CAMP BUT NOW IS HORRIDLY AND UNJUSTLY BEHIND BARS IN THE HIGHEST RISK PRISON CELL. Plus, as mentioned in the last Update:


“The BOP’s website states that SeaTac has a proven history of violence to inmates. IN FACT: At least two (2) suspicious murders have happened. One murder the surviving family was awarded almost $1 million damages against the BOP.

Read Sea Tac’s exact quote from their website: “...the containment of extremely dangerous, violent, or escape-prone inmates.”

Worse the SeaTac BOP Website brags about how notorious some of their inmates current or past are or have been. So - which of the 6 risk categories is Sea Tac? NUMBER 6 - The worst.”


My Mother used to say, “There’s something phony in Denmark.” I have no idea what the source of that was in the first half of last Century. me how Daniel is being mistreated screams, “There’s something Phony in the Justice System and Bureau of Prisons.

This is attrocious, dangerous, uncalled for and just plain wrong. Maybe this is why our system is referred to as the Criminal Justice System!


<UPDATE> It appears a certain official may be behind this devious effort to make Daniel’s life as miserable as possible. No actual proof yet - but more and more whispers are saying “It is surreptitious collusion.” More on this if and when the whispers are confirmed.


As a caring supporter of Daniel and in appreciation of how he generously helped hudreds of thousands of alternative health believers ~ you are probably thinking:

What can I do??

There are (3) three absolutely critical things for each of us to do...and the sooner the better.

What to do?

(1) Prayer. Many of you have been faithful prayer Warriors or reaching out in your own special way to nurture Daniel. Please don’t stop.

(2) Please consider helping Daniel with the considerable costs to undue this dangerous tragedy. We are aggressively going to use everything in our power, (based on your awesome unbelievable support) to expose this injustice and send the finished Petition to the highest officials in the Land. Plus other “high Impact” actions are being formed.


Here is the simple way to share in this huge need for your emergency support.


Any assistance can best be sent through PayPal’s Send Money. When it asks for the email to which your thoughtfulness is to be sent simply type This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. These are transferred to a special account for Daniel.

You can also use this link or click the PayPal button below.

paypal donate

OR - if you prefer to not use PayPal
please just mail your love gift to

Larry Smith
8500 NE Hazel Dell Ave, Apt. E5,
Vancouver, WA 98665.

Please note: It is not possible for Daniel to have his own Bank Account while in Prison that’s why I , his Father, receive it for him. These are also transferred to a special account for Daniel. Gifts sent to his name have to be returned to the please make them payable to Larry Smith

Each email, letter, donation, etc. will receive a prompt response and a receipt of course. Will you be a gigantic supporter and fully rally around Daniel right now ~ he needs you now more than ever before!!

 ...   ...


 (3) Please sign this important Petition by CLICKING ON THIS ONE-CLICK LINK:

It will open: “Return Louis Daniel Smith to a Minimum Security Prison Camp.” and provide a very easy way to E-Sign the Critical Petition for Daniel.


With Your Hands Joined With Mine and By His Grace
A Miracle Is Dawning for it is always darkest before the dawn.

Your Joint Partner
Larry Smith
Daniel’s Father
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you wish to have any questions answered please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please Post and email this Update far and wide.




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