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Who is Daniel Smith

This Preview will bring you up to speed about a decade-long, Federal-storm-trooper assault on a humble, caring soul who sought only to help disease-stricken fellow humans worldwide.

Why Daniel Smith has become a hero for tens of thousands of suffering people throughout the globe: Daniel founded Project Green Life (PGL), an alternative health association that made the first professional grade MMS (Master Mineral Solution)  ~ making it available in over 160 countries between 2007 and 2011.

Out of the blue the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began warning Daniel that they wanted the distribution of MMS to stop - immediately. Following legal consultation, Daniel wrote the FDA explaining how MMS was improving the health of multitudes around the world and asked them why they were making this demand. Silence. Daniel sent the document again. Continued silence. Daniel repeated a third time.

Rather than responding, the FDA initiated a year-long clandestine reconnaissance mission for the purpose of secretly securing search and seizure warrants aimed at putting PGL out of business in one fail swoop. It became obvious that this pursuit by the FDA was another example of a plethora of similar militant assaults on other Alternative Health companies and practitioners and in truth was a part of the agency's ongoing war against health freedom. In Daniel’s case they threatened him with 38 years in a Federal prison figuring Daniel would immediately close Project Green Life and thus block the distribution of MMS ever again.

Even though hundreds of users of MMS wrote the FDA declaring praises for the efficacy of MMS the FDA continued and intensified their unconstitutional actions. Daniel was arrested and charged with six felonies along with his wife and two employees. For what you ask? Helping people to get well.

Following a mockery of a trial in which Daniel was forbidden by the Judge to put on a defense he was convicted and sentenced to 51 months in a Federal Penitentiary. Even with this travesty-of-justice punishment the Prosecutor argued with the Judge demanding Daniel be sentenced to Life in Prison.

As you look through this fact-filled blog ( you’ll suspect a scheming collusion between the FDA and gigantic International Pharmaceutical entities. Daniel was portrayed as a conniving, evil, greedy Snake-Oil profiteer. One Federal employee even said, "I consider you a Domestic Terrorist!" Really? C’mon. Get real.

Truth is stranger than fiction. Right? This blog ~ ~ will answer this query.

Oct. 13, 2016


I wonder what it would be like if it were me wearing my Son’s moccasins.

What if it had been me wearing them as the Government’s storm troopers invaded my family home in the pitch black pre-dawn hours. What if my moccasins heard the sobbing and screaming of my sweet little girl as she begged: "Please don’t take my Daddy and Mommy away."

I pondered...

Could I walk a mile in those moccasins?

Could I keep walking in my Son’s moccasins when I was thrown behind horrid padlocked doors and steel bars without any knowledge of what was ahead of me?  Would those moccasins ask "Why is this happening? How could I help the world's feverishly hurting and diseased anymore?

Then I pondered some more...

Now these moccasins have been imprisoned for more than 500 days. How can this be so? Sadly shaking my head I wondered why am I in a Federal Pen? Why don’t I get to kiss my loved ones goodnight? Why don’t they visit me? Why are my parents getting grayer and grayer. Why are my siblings nearly strangers working through the ups and downs of life.

Even worse will I ever get to hold my two daughters and grandchild again?

Or Kiss and hug my wife?

Wondering caused my feet to cry out in pain...these shoes just don’t fit. Maybe this is all a bad dream...worse...a really bad nightmare. Hopefully this awful dream will end...soon.

But then I looked at my feet. I wasn’t wearing moccasins after all. My crazy mind had just drifted away...somewhere. Day dreaming a nightmare. Then I saw a lonely, cold, worn out moccasin. What was written on the tag?
"Manufactured by the FDA for Daniel."
~ ~ ~

My hot, sweaty and terrifying moccasin time was only a nightmare. But his moccasins were not a nightmarish dream. His moccasins are his reality.

Shoe stores sell every style, shape, size and color of shoes. Few if any sell moccasins. But no one sells anything quite like Daniel’s.

Just a tip:...
Please for your sake and sanity don’t ask to wear them anywhere...let alone trying to walk a mile in his moccasins.


It is impossible for Dad to not be so proud of my Son’s gigantic heart, deep faith, sincere soul and that he is willingly wearing his  moccasins.

Behind the Scenes...

Some good things have happened...

• The Warden, Prison Counselor and Board of Prisons Supervisor gave Daniel a furlough when a loved one was in intensive Care. He received several days of freedom, fresh air, and hugging his loved ones.

• Daniel’s work allows him to be outdoors, scanning the sky and deep breathing fresh air.

• Daniel’s new Defense Attorney, seems to me to be skilled, determined and optimistic.
• Past friends are resurfacing. Their warmth and contact feel so good to Daniel.

It is time for Thankfulness & Appreciation...

Now my Son is focused on Helping Other Inmates, Writing to you folks and Accepting whatever the future holds.

I am also so thankful for Jim Humble’s continuous efforts to get Daniel freed, for his donations, sound advice, - and his undying example of healing as many sick and desperate people that can be reached world wide.

I am also thankful for Jim Humble and his team, allowing the time and connections to ensure you receive these updates

To try to express my thankfulness to each of the rest of you is beyond my ability. But you have made me a most Thankful person who is continuously overwhelmed by your touching emails, wise insights and timely generous support and donations.

Speaking of your help...each of you. May I share 2 critical needs with you?


Daniel has two "release me until my Appeal is heard" motions. One is in the hands of his trial judge and the other awaiting an appellate Judge’s approval. Daniel’s attorney is finalizing the paramount final motion to be heard by the 9th Circuit Appellate Court: His Defense Attorney’s APPEAL MOTION FOR THE APPELLATE JUSTICES TO REVERSE OR VACATE HIS CONVICTION. This Motion is scheduled to be heard in the future.  Your love, sentiments, souls, prayers and other efforts are so appreciated. Remember he has spent more than 500 days for only helping others. In America no less.


The trust fund for Daniel is very low as many needs for his relentless efforts for freedom, critical family necessities and never ending court fines, printing and mailing costs have seriously hindered us from keeping up with the needs.

If you can assist us with needed love gifts at this time ~ it would be such a help!

Any assistance can best be sent through PayPal’s Send Money. When it asks for the email to which your thoughtfulness is to be sent, simply type This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the PayPal button below:

Or send by mail to:

Larry Smith 
9208 NE Highway 99
Suite 107-165 
Vancouver, WA 98665-8986

Please Note: It is not possible for Daniel to have his own bank account while in prison ~ that's why I, his father, receive it for him. To be deposited for Daniel it needs to be made out to Larry Smith.

Each email, letter, concern, donation, etc. will receive a prompt response and a receipt of course. With three motions in the hands of Jurists your support has never been so critical.

Thank you for how you've stood behind my Son...and for giving me the strength to continue in this struggle.

May You Be Sheltered Under the Canopy of Love and Grace

My Deepest Thankfulness for You,


Larry Smith
Daniel’s Father




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