Malaria is one of the worst diseases in the world and there are over 200 million cases each year. It is the leading cause of death for African children under 5.  Big names like Bill Gates and George Soros donate millions of dollars to fight malaria.

When Jim Humble accidentally discovered years ago that the water purification drops he brought along on his gold prospecting trip to Guyana cured his helpers of malaria, he knew how important that was and he has dedicated himself since then to getting that knowledge out to Africa and the rest of the world. At one point, he had set himself the goal of making one country in Africa malaria free. Although that goal has not been accomplished, there is reason to believe that it could happen, and very quickly.

Who is Klaas Proesmans?

Belgian Klaas Proesmans, CEO of the Water Reference Center (WRC), which has an affiliation with the Red Cross, attended an MMS training seminar in Mexico in 2012. He was interested enough to then organize a field clinic in Uganda with the Red Cross. The results were astonishing: all 154 people who were malaria positive were found free of the malaria parasite within 48 hours after treatment with MMS. He made a video showing the entire process and, in the video, expressed his excitement with the remarkable results. You can watch his video here, embedded within this video to which  Jim Humble added an introduction and Jim’s associate Leo Koehof added an epilogue.

We can only assume that Proesmans was sincere in seeking a cure for malaria. His finding indicates that merely disinfecting the internal waters of the human body is sufficient to eliminate the malaria parasite. MMS is not a drug and was not used as such according to the words of Proesmans: “The aim of the mission is to look at the side effects that a certain way of purifying water has on the blood of certain patients.” Every reference he makes to the test refers to drinking the water containing the water purifier, MMS. He states, “In total we identified 154 malaria positive patients, together with the local health {authorities} or the doctors. All of them were treated. All of them were, between 24 hours and 48 hours, malaria negative… without any side effects!” (Transcript of Proesmans’ words)

So why then did Proesmans try to deny his association with the test, the results, and even the video in which he himself appears as the organizer? Why did the International Federation of the Red Cross disassociate themselves from the amazing results? Until the Proesman video was accidentally uncovered on YouTube, the Red Cross went so far as to declare that the test never happened!

How did this man transform from seeking the truth to actively participating in a cover up? What is the financial relationship between his company and the Red Cross? Why would the Red Cross not want to promote an inexpensive non toxic water purification product that could potentially eradicate the worst disease in the world?

No doubt this experience has been a painful wake up call for Proesmans. No doubt financial interests lie behind his repudiation of this remarkable experiment, and he knows he has compromised his integrity. My question to him:

Will the real Klaas Proesmans please stand up?