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Who is Daniel Smith

This Preview will bring you up to speed about a decade-long, Federal-storm-trooper assault on a humble, caring soul who sought only to help disease-stricken fellow humans worldwide.

Why Daniel Smith has become a hero for tens of thousands of suffering people throughout the globe: Daniel founded Project Green Life (PGL), an alternative health association that made the first professional grade MMS (Master Mineral Solution)  ~ making it available in over 160 countries between 2007 and 2011.

Out of the blue the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began warning Daniel that they wanted the distribution of MMS to stop - immediately. Following legal consultation, Daniel wrote the FDA explaining how MMS was improving the health of multitudes around the world and asked them why they were making this demand. Silence. Daniel sent the document again. Continued silence. Daniel repeated a third time.

Rather than responding, the FDA initiated a year-long clandestine reconnaissance mission for the purpose of secretly securing search and seizure warrants aimed at putting PGL out of business in one fail swoop. It became obvious that this pursuit by the FDA was another example of a plethora of similar militant assaults on other Alternative Health companies and practitioners and in truth was a part of the agency's ongoing war against health freedom. In Daniel’s case they threatened him with 38 years in a Federal prison figuring Daniel would immediately close Project Green Life and thus block the distribution of MMS ever again.

Even though hundreds of users of MMS wrote the FDA declaring praises for the efficacy of MMS the FDA continued and intensified their unconstitutional actions. Daniel was arrested and charged with six felonies along with his wife and two employees. For what you ask? Helping people to get well.

Following a mockery of a trial in which Daniel was forbidden by the Judge to put on a defense he was convicted and sentenced to 51 months in a Federal Penitentiary. Even with this travesty-of-justice punishment the Prosecutor argued with the Judge demanding Daniel be sentenced to Life in Prison.

As you look through this fact-filled blog ( you’ll suspect a scheming collusion between the FDA and gigantic International Pharmaceutical entities. Daniel was portrayed as a conniving, evil, greedy Snake-Oil profiteer. One Federal employee even said, "I consider you a Domestic Terrorist!" Really? C’mon. Get real.

Truth is stranger than fiction. Right? This blog ~ ~ will answer this query.

Daniel Smith | April Update

April 16, 2018

There's Just One Final Appeal Left For Daniel

2017 & 2018 were years when Daniel was told, "it is DENIED," in each Appeal Hearing by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. In a few weeks Daniel's Attorney will file the last possible appeal** ~ with the United States Supreme Court. It is hoped the Supreme Court Justices will overturn Daniel's conviction or order a new trial. We are praying the next news Daniel hears is: "it is OVERTURNED... defendant is released from custody." (** Technically Supreme Court appeals are called: a Petition for Certiorari).

President Trump?  Some ask: "Why not ask President Trump to set Daniel free?" Well, we have done that...actually several times...even to the 1st Lady and other White House staff. Previously we did the same with President Obama. Each attempt had thousands of supporters whose signed petitions were included. Result: NO RESPONSE.


A review by the United States Supreme Court is not an easy thing to acquire, but as Daniel said last month, "and by grace we may prevail." A recent news video of the storage section of the Supreme Court building showed huge stacks of these Petitions for Certiorari. Then an Aide said, "We receive about 8,000 appeals each year and we are only able to consider 80." 80 out of 8,000.
What are the odds? We're asking for divine intervention.


8,000 of these Petitions for Certiorari are received by the Supreme Court each year.  But they only consider 80 of these!

Daniel's Heartfelt Message From Prison

April - 2018.

Dear Friends & Family,

Greetings to everyone from SeaTac Federal Detention Center.  =)  Next month will mark three years in prison!  Already another month has gone by, which brings me closer to my family ... and to freedom.

Many of you have written and asked about my time here, so I will begin with that.

First, I am very blessed with a special position which allows me to drive inmates to various medical and release locations and also to work as an orderly for the prison's administration.  I am grateful for the trust that is given me, which affords the rare opportunity to get outside and feel the wind and sun on my face, and always leaves me feeling renewed.

While behind the prison's walls I like to read, write, and meditate (and play some chess).  I also like to walk laps (21 laps make a mile).  I meditate daily, although the noise can make it difficult.  I have read well over 100 non-fiction books -- mostly of a spiritual, scientific, or esoteric nature -- some several times -- and I listen to music on my Mp3 player that is available for download through the prison's TRULINCS system.

Music is such an integral part of my soul.  It helps me stay grounded and mentally "away" from here.  I usually dedicate a song to all of you every month, but I would love to hear some of your suggestions.  I like all kinds of music.  The system doesn't carry everything, but I am often surprised with what they do have.

A few people have written and suggested I write a book.  Its seems there are enough books about MMS and it doesn't feel indicated to dwell on the past, prison life, or political issues.  That leaves only my inner journey, one of learning to allow, relinquish and release, getting to know my own soul; one I would be happy to share.  If this is something that interests you, please let me know.

An update on the case: my attorney is still working on our petition to the U.S. Supreme Court.  We have narrowed down what we believe are our most "cert-worthy" issues, including the appellate court's denial of the right to a meaningful appeal and the district court's denial of the right to present a defense at trial.  The other issues are more legal and complex.  The petition is due on May 7, 2018.  By this time next month it should already be filed.

I never watch much television here but they played two of my favorite movies this week: Braveheart and The Lion King.  I was reminded of the message I have always loved from Braveheart: that no matter what we're facing, our hearts are always free; we just have to have the courage to follow them.  Indeed, every man dies, but not every man truly lives.

Then there is "The Lion King", a beautiful story of Manifest Sonship or, as some would call it, the hero's journey.  A favorite part is where Mufasa reminds Simba that he is his father's son and must take his rightful place in the kingdom.  Some of you will remember the line from the movie: "Remember who you are."  This was the first thing I saw scrawled on a jail cell wall when first arrested in 2013.  It was a great kindness in a terrifying moment, a gentle reminder that we are all on the hero's journey, destined to realize we are all Sons and Daughters of the Most High.

I didn't think I'd have a song to share this month but this portion of my letter compels me to share "Circle of Life", performed by Lebo M. and Carmen Twillie, followed by "Who You Say I Am", by Hillsong.   I hope you will pull them up and have a listen with me.

Carmen Twillie, Lebo M. - Circle Of Life

Circle of Life
"From the day we arrive on the
planet and blinking step into the sun,
there's more to see than can ever be seen,
more to do than can ever be done.

There's far too much to take in here,
more to find than can ever be found.
But the sun rolling high through the safire sky,
Keeps great and small on the endless round.

It's the Circle of Life,
and it moves us all...
through despair and hope,
through faith and love,
'til we find our place...
on the path unwinding...
In the Circle ... the Circle of Life."
Hillsong - Who You Say I Am

May we all "re-member" who we are ... through all the despair, the faith, hope and love...  May we find our way in our bid to return to Source and awaken that divine destiny of Sonship that sleeps within us all.

My family and I remain ever-blessed by your continued companionship - your prayers and support.  Thank you, from the deepest parts of our hearts, for your love, your friendship, your prayers, donations, and words of encouragement, without which we would never know such great depths of hope and love.

With Love, Light, Laughter & Limitlessness!

Dad's Concerns

This week has been traumatic as we had a death in the family (my wife's Mother). The hundreds of miles to the Hospice and days watching her struggles has been exhausting and emotionally draining. Thus I'm trying to not forget to include all-important concerns for you awesome folks. As briefly as possible:  (1) You're receiving this in Tax Payment week. I pray this won't diminish too much your gracious donation for Daniel and his family. (2)  It appears Daniel will be released to a halfway house in Spokane this Summer, Lord Willing. AWESOME news. This becomes of URGENT concern as his family is forced to make costly preparations for he'll be able to likely go home on weekends and then after a month or two be released to the family home. So they're moving to a larger apartment, need additional furnishings, provisions, food, personal necessities, etc.  A handful of Supporters have sent some of the financial help already...for which I thank them so much.  Still there are many needs that need to be met.

For you Supporters who can help with these urgent needs and his continued support for the upcoming months...

My soul deeply appreciates the sacrifices each of you Supporters, Prayer Warriors and Donators.  Further, I marvel at the graciousness and goodness of your hearts. In 75 years I've never met such a loving, caring and supportive group. It is not possible to really express how much you are appreciated or how touched I am by your warmth. One day when Daniel walks free ~ it will be worth it all.

Any assistance can best be sent through PayPal's Send Money link. When PayPal asks for the email to which your donation is to be sent, simply type (copy and paste does not work) in either email address: 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Each of these go into the identical same account for Daniel and his family's needs.  A shortcut to this is to simply click on the PayPal logo below:

If you prefer to send your donation conventionally: Please use: USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc. ~ then send it to:  Larry Smith  9208 NE Highway 99, Suite 107-165, Vancouver, WA 98665-8986.

This "suite" is simply a type of post office with a street address. Please note:  It is not possible for Daniel to have his own bank account while in prison ~ that's why, I his father, receive it for him. To be deposited for Daniel's and his family's use it needs to be made out to Larry Smith.

Humbled and Uplifted
Larry Smith
Daniel's Father





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