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Who is Daniel Smith

This Preview will bring you up to speed about a decade-long, Federal-storm-trooper assault on a humble, caring soul who sought only to help disease-stricken fellow humans worldwide.

Why Daniel Smith has become a hero for tens of thousands of suffering people throughout the globe: Daniel founded Project Green Life (PGL), an alternative health association that made the first professional grade MMS (Master Mineral Solution)  ~ making it available in over 160 countries between 2007 and 2011.

Out of the blue the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began warning Daniel that they wanted the distribution of MMS to stop - immediately. Following legal consultation, Daniel wrote the FDA explaining how MMS was improving the health of multitudes around the world and asked them why they were making this demand. Silence. Daniel sent the document again. Continued silence. Daniel repeated a third time.

Rather than responding, the FDA initiated a year-long clandestine reconnaissance mission for the purpose of secretly securing search and seizure warrants aimed at putting PGL out of business in one fail swoop. It became obvious that this pursuit by the FDA was another example of a plethora of similar militant assaults on other Alternative Health companies and practitioners and in truth was a part of the agency's ongoing war against health freedom. In Daniel’s case they threatened him with 38 years in a Federal prison figuring Daniel would immediately close Project Green Life and thus block the distribution of MMS ever again.

Even though hundreds of users of MMS wrote the FDA declaring praises for the efficacy of MMS the FDA continued and intensified their unconstitutional actions. Daniel was arrested and charged with six felonies along with his wife and two employees. For what you ask? Helping people to get well.

Following a mockery of a trial in which Daniel was forbidden by the Judge to put on a defense he was convicted and sentenced to 51 months in a Federal Penitentiary. Even with this travesty-of-justice punishment the Prosecutor argued with the Judge demanding Daniel be sentenced to Life in Prison.

As you look through this fact-filled blog ( you’ll suspect a scheming collusion between the FDA and gigantic International Pharmaceutical entities. Daniel was portrayed as a conniving, evil, greedy Snake-Oil profiteer. One Federal employee even said, "I consider you a Domestic Terrorist!" Really? C’mon. Get real.

Truth is stranger than fiction. Right? This blog ~ ~ will answer this query.

Daniel Smith | December Update

December 2018


Some of you know that Daniel was (and is) a gifted musician:  vocally, arranging, key board, piano, and more. He held concerts throughout Washington State and  won the GMA 1997 song of the year (regional) and competed on a national level in Nashville during the Dove Awards in 1997.  He was offered a record deal but it eventually fell through.  . As the Bureau of Prisons still has him confined mostly to home ~ Daniel has set up his music studio. In the November Update he did the arranging for both Karis and Sabby's beautiful songs.

This month Daniel took to the studio to record a special Christmas Thank You song  ~ just for you, his supporter.  He and his daughter Sabby sing this together.  

ONE MORE MONTH OF BUREAU OF PRISONS CUSTODIAL MONITORING TO GO  ~ probably shortly after New Years 2019.  Finally then ~ ~  he’ll be free other than reporting to probation ~ for 4 additional years.


Dear Friends & Family,

I'll keep this update short.

This last week was my first Thanksgiving holiday with family in four years!  It was magic.  I dug up the old turkey brine recipe, Karis made her green bean casserole, Sabby made her macaroons with rose and orange blossom water, and I made root-beer-float cookies.  =)  We all broke from keto to enjoy the fresh rolls, cranberry and sweet potato casserole.  We had 13 for dinner and it was SO MUCH FUN!  The day reminded of me of just how much I have to be grateful for.

I have been trying to think of a way to express my gratitude to all of you with more than just words.  I don't have much to give yet, but I do have music.  So ... this week I took to the studio to record a special Christmas song just for you.  I asked my daughter, Sabby, if she would join me and she said yes!   So ... this is our early Christmas present to all of you from all of us, saying thank you, once again, for all your prayers and support.

Here's the link to listen online:

If you'd like a copy of the mp3, write me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I'll email it to you directly!  I would love to hear from you.

Some potentially good news ... if everything goes as planned, I start work for a tech company this month.  There are a number of projects they need help with and I look forward to being of service.  I will still be able to work on other projects that are important to me, which I hope to share with you after the New Year.

Until then, I'm sending my love and wishing you all the most delightful holiday season ever.  For you, I am grateful.  Thank you.

With all my Love, Light, Laughter & Limitlessness
~ Daniel"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Brief Comments from Dad

(1) Finances have made quite an improvement thanks to those of you who dug deeply in November and helped Daniel get nearly caught up. Now with his first employment checks starting to trickle in the future looks much brighter. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

(2) The GoFundMe site, designed for those who are unfamiliar with his story, also received some appreciated donations in November. Thank you for those of you who  sent the link to family & friends.

The GoFundMe link is:

You can see that Daniel has taken the "bull by the horns" and now has a job and will quickly be supporting his family again.  He is going to continue beginning life anew. He is refreshed by you folks and often tells me so. Your sacrificial love has been like a box of presents every step of the way. We pray that your Christmas Season will be your best it will be for Daniel and his family.

If you can help Daniel at this crucial time...

Any assistance can best be sent through PayPal’s Send Money. When PayPal asks for the email to which your donation is to be sent, simply type (copy & paste does not work). Please either type:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ...(both addresses go into the same account)

Some find it even simpler to just click the PayPal logo below:

If you prefer to send your donation conventionally: USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc. please send it to:

Larry Smith 9208 NE Highway 99, Suite 107-165 Vancouver, WA 98665-8986.
(This "suite" is simply a type of a post office box - with a street address.)

Please Note: It is still not possible for Daniel to have his own bank account while in custody at his house ~ that’s why, I his father, receive it for him. To be deposited for Daniel’s and his family’s use it needs to be made out to Larry Smith.

Most Thankfully
Larry Smith
Daniel’s Father

PS: RE:  Future Daniel Smith Updates ~ I’ll continue to send Updates to you regularly  (health allowing)  as we know you folks love Daniel and want to be kept informed.




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