Last month I tried to explain how Daniel’s Last-Ditch Appeal would work. I concluded the explanation with some alternatives that could happen:

“The trial Judge has four or more options:

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Today I’ll bring you up to speed on Daniel’s Last-Ditch Appeal


Updates on Daniel’s Status of the 2255 Last-Hope Appeal.

  1.   The Judge received Daniels 27-page last-hope appeal on Sept 30, 2019.
  2.   The Judge did not deny it - instead she placed it on the Docket
  3.   She ordered the Feds to write an answer to Daniel’s Appeal by Oct. 29th.
  4.   The Feds responded writing a 9 page rebuttal to Daniel’s Appeal to the Court on Oct. 29th.
  5.    Now the Judge has given Daniel until November 12th to answer the Fed’s Rebuttal.     

               This brings us up to date.

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What’s ahead Before Daniel will learn the results of this final appeal?  

      7.  Once the Judge reads Daniel’s Answer to the Fed’s Rebuttal she will give a written decision on November 15th.   In that decision she has at least the following options: 
           A.   Dismiss Daniel’s Appeal
           B.   Hold an in court hearing with Daniel’s Attorney & The Prosecutor
           C.   Then she will make her final decision:
                          * Refuse His Appeal,
                          * Overturn His Conviction or
                          * Order a new trial.

As I wrote last month: “Please note that I’m not an attorney and may not be using the correct legalese - but I did the best I could to help you understand all this. Forgive me if I’ve made it confusing.
This is the first hint of good news in just about the last 10 years of my Son’s nightmare. I’m praying that when the Judge writes her decision on Nov. 15th ~ ~ ~ she’ll not dismiss his appeal - but order an in court hearing. (B above).

In the December Update I will give you the Appeal status at that moment.

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